Technical, economic and financial transaction advisory services for José Martí Airport and San Antonio Baños airfield (Havana, Cuba)

Airport consulting services

Confidential / Business planning and transaction advisory

Date: 2016

The scope of work carried out by AERTEC Solutions included the development of the masterplan for José Martí International Airport and San Antonio Baños Airfield. The aim was to adapt the existing infrastructure to the future demand expected for the next 50 years.

The study was divided into four main parts:

1. Short term development plan of José Martí Airport to identify solutions for current bottlenecks. This also included providing modifications and solutions to attend the forecast demand during the next five years. A capacity-demand analysis of the five terminals and associated aprons was performed, as well as for the taxiways and the existing runway. This allowed the associated CAPEX to be determined.


2. Development plan for José Martí Airport to extend the infrastructure in the medium term, 10-20 years. It included a passenger management strategy (domestic and international) between the different terminals. A masterplan and the associated CAPEX were also developed.

3. Development plan of San Antonio Baños airfield to attend the demand Jose Martí will not be able to manage in the long term. The masterplan was produced considering all factors resulting from the current military use of the airfield. The associated CAPEX was also estimated.

4. Development of a business plan combined with the Havana airport development strategy. This included simulations of regulated and non-regulated income, operational expenditures, amortization, cash flow, EBITDA, NPV, IRR, etc.

AERTEC Solutions added value to this project by swiftly adapting to the required strategy. This was achieved by deploying a highly experienced and efficient team that resolved the development plan of both airports in just a few weeks.