Consultancy Services for all Cargo Market and Airport Ground Sevices Implementation Strategy (KSA)

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AERTEC was appointed to support SAL Consultants team in the definition and development of Cargo Strategy for the enhancement of SAL Cargo Market focusing not only in the Air Cargo but linking it to all different types of Cargo and transportation modes, Air-Sea-Land. The Services privded included:

The scope of the services provided by the consortium formed by AERTEC, a European airport consultancy firm and a Brazilian engineering company is as follows:

¬ Overall sanity, alignment, and gap analysis for all 50 value creation opportunities and business plans
¬ Overall Cargo Market Assessment findings, summary, recommendation and dashboards preparation
¬ Preparation of 50 scored-cards with summary of the overall outcome
¬ Historical Data analysis and regional and international Cargo Forecast

¬ Perform a first-degree sensitivity analysis for each value creation opportunity based on the main assumptions made by the consultant team. The team looked at iss stress-testing the business plans to ascertain how sensitive they are to variation in the base data
¬ Analysis of synergies, complementarities, and redundancies

It is important to remark that given the short timeframe for the development of these services (2 months), AERTEC team had to focus their efforts on the short-term business results first, and later on in the medium and long-term.

One of the strategies implemented was to devide the approach in different fields, focusing in the revenues, margins, capabilities, investment required and enablers. The workshops were devided as followed:

¬ Operational Synergies
¬ Services within existing value chain
¬ New value chain proposition
¬ Opportunities outside the value chain

AERTEC added value was in the path defined to accelerate the implementation having in mind that the client cannot lose its position as best-in-class service to customer with an eye in attract strategic and specialized logistics service.

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