Technical advisory for the new privatization Lille Airport (France)

SMALIM (Syndicat Mixte des Aéroports de Lille et Merville) Business advisory and Transaction support and due diligence

Date: 2018

Lille Airport belongs to a Joint Association, the SMALIM (Joint Association of Lille and Merville Airports), a legal entity, that is currently managed and operated by SOGAREL (the Lille Regional Airport Management Company) under a 10-year Public Service Contract which expires in 2019.

As a result of this, the ownership has embarked in the process of procuring advisory services (technical, strategic, legal, and financial) to assist with the selection of a new concessionaire for the next 20 years.


AERTEC Solutions is the lead technical advisor within the team appointed by SMALIM to carry out these works. The scope of works is split into various stages:

¬ Phase 1: Assessment and due diligence of the airport and its infrastructure.

¬ Phase 2: Preparation of CAPEX and REPEX projections for the next 20 years, taking into account investments to adapt capacity to the traffic forecasts, and to maintain the current and new infrastructure in order during the new concession period based on the results obtained during Phase 1.

¬ Phase 3: Privatization tender document preparation, including assessment of the current concession contract and particularly of its service level agreements.

¬ Phase 4: Assistance during the tender process, and selection of preferred bidder.

The added value provided by AERTEC Solutions includes our expertise in Airports concessions transactions around the world and our knowledge in Airport Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and in Reposition Expenditure (REPEX).