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The impact of COVID-19 on airport

How do post-coronavirus measures affect airport capacity and infrastructure?

Flights will be safer and healthier

In the same way that the September 11 attacks prompted regulatory changes that made flying safer, the COVID-19 crisis will make flying healthier as well.

In order to regain the trust of passengers so they start flying again, it’s necessary to take measures that will increase security in a post-Covid world, but will also – without a doubt – reduce capacity as well.

Social distancing and the obligatory use of face masks are among the measures that will reduce capacity.

In AERTEC Solutions we have the knowledge, the capabilities and the international experience required to identify and solve the capacity problems in all the airport processes and procedures that will be affected by the new restrictions that arise after COVID-19.

Dubai airport - post covid consultancy

How airports will change

The goals are to increase passenger confidence and ensure healthy travel. Therefore, action plans need to be implemented in several areas:

  • New processes
  • New surface area requirements
  • Increased distance between passengers
  • Increase in processing times
  • Increase in rotation times
  • Increase in number of checked baggage

Infrastructure adaptation

Reconfiguring HVAC systems will play an important role in reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. It will be necessary to act on air filtration, pressure balance or control system priorities.

Due to the lack of space in the apron areas, some airports are parking these overflow aircraft on runways and taxiways, most of them consisting of asphalt pavement. Let’s know the problems that can be generated and their solution.

Parking aircraft lkreis

Our professionals will help you to identify and plan how to optimize the adaptation of your airport to the new post-COVID-19 situation. Contact us…

Nuevas superficies necesarias post covid

COVID-19: An enormous challenge for air transport and engineering

Download our brochure. Review some important facts to consider at your airport to adapt to the post-COVID scenario.

In AERTEC Solutions we have professionals with knowledge, international experience and proven capacity to tackle the challenges of adapting your airport to the new situation.

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