Technical & Financial Feasibility Study for Sohar International Airport (Oman)

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AERTEC was appointed to provide a detailed value engineering study, financial feasibility, technical feasibility and privatization assessment for Sohar International Airport Project for Oman Aviation Group. Sohar International Airport is being built in three packages, package 1 included Landside Infrastructure & Utilities, package 2 included Airside Infrastructure, and Airfield Lighting, and package 3 included the below Buildings and Connecting Civil Works:

¬ Passenger Terminal Building (PTB)
¬ Cargo Terminal Building (CTB)
¬ Air Traffic Control Complex (ATCC)
¬ Air Rescue Fire Fighting Building (ARFF)
¬ Ground Support Equipment Workshop (GSE)
¬ Central Utility Complex (CUC)
¬ Guard House (GHO)

It has to be highlated that the Terminal Building Expansion (Phase 3) will be able to manage 1.7 MPax and the Cargo Complex design will be capable to accommodate 50,000 TPA.

Sohar is the most developed city in the country outside of the capital and has become a key industrial zone due to major infrastructure projects such as the Sohar Industrial Port. The foreseen significant growth in traffic and population, supported by transformation of the city, is what made OAG take the decision of transforming the existing airport facilities with an aggressive strategy to be capable to cope all these incoming growth. For that purpose, AERTEC developed the following tasks:

¬ Value Engineering: comprehensive review and analysis of current project information followed by value engineering study in order achieve best economy results, including a complete statement, guidelines and recommendations.
¬ Assesment. This included capacity assessment of the Airport, national & international Standards Compliance Assessment, identification of optimization potential and deficiencies and Risk Management.
¬ Technical Feasibility: Terminal planning, existing Terminal Area assessment and optimization, passengers’ profile analysis, bottlenecks identification, research of solutions and recommendations, determination of Requirements (IATA, CAPEX and OPEX requirements and optimisation potential, etc.
¬ Financial Feasibility: Financial Feasibility Assessment and further Recommendations, and a complete Business Plan.
¬ Privatization & Parnership Model: identification and privatization of applicable options and evaluation of identified scenarios.
¬ Privatization Roadmap: included the Roadmap preparation and validation and the Tender selection and criteria.

AERTEC has led the whole transaction process, developed a robust PAX and Cargo forecast, and also directed the contact with the investors. A fully dedicated team based in Oman during the whole project Lifecyle allowed the delivery of a high quality product.


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