Technical advice for the sixth round airport privatisations (Brazil)

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VINCI Airports has selected a consortium headed by AERTEC to provide it with technical advice and help it to draft its proposal for the sixth round of airport privatisations in Brazil. Specifically, in this latest round, they are working on 7 airports which make up the North Cluster, each with different profiles in terms of infrastructure, restrictions, capacity requirements and traffic forecasts.

The scope of the services provided by the consortium formed by AERTEC, a European airport consultancy firm and a Brazilian engineering company is as follows:

¬ On-site audit of the condition of the airports, verification of compliance with Brazilian aviation and construction regulations, and operations management.
¬ Performing due diligence, analysing the available information regarding infrastructure needs and the obligations to be assumed by the future concessionaire, as defined in the contract, including a red flag analysis, which is vital for concessions of this kind.

¬ Assessment of the capacity of current airport infrastructures, both on the landside (terminal buildings primarily) and airside. Additionally, an analysis of their future demand, with the aim of identifying the need for new infrastructures over a 30-year concession period.
¬ Preparation of the respective master plans, presenting different options for each of the airport’s main subsystems, performing a multicriteria analysis assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the alternatives that have been presented.
¬ Preparation of functional designs for the terminal buildings, adapting the infrastructure, defining areas and the number of resources and equipment needed to adapt the building to meet the requirements of the contract and the anticipated demand throughout the concession period.
¬ These functional designs included defining the shopping areas and, in the case of oversized terminals, optimising their operational and commercial areas with the aim of reducing OPEX while maintaining the required level of service.
¬ Preparing CAPEX projections, taking into account the investment required to adapt the airport’s capacity according to future traffic forecasts anticipated for the 30-year concession period.

These privatisation processes require expert consultants with extensive knowledge of airport planning, operating airports, risk management and, above all, the ability to use all of the information that is generated to form a viable business plan. This means that AERTEC is the perfect team to carry out this type of work and offer our clients complete peace of mind.

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