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AERTEC showcases its aeronautical technological capacities at ILA Berlin

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AERTEC, a Spanish international company specializing in the development of aerospace and defense technology, is currently participating in the ILA Berlin International Airshow, attending for the first time with its own stand. Held at the Berlin Expo Center Airport for four days, ILA Berlin is one of the most important events in the sector in Europe, congregating 550 exhibitors from 29 countries.

AERTEC attends ILA Berlin for the first time, the great European aerospace tradeshow that brings together 550 exhibitors from 29 countries.

Sustainability, new technologies and innovation are the main pillars of ILA Berlin, where AERTEC is showcasing its capabilities in the aeronautical industry and, especially, in the design and development of aerospace and defense systems, as well as its numerous solutions in the field of aircraft electrification. Electrification is precisely one of the main challenges in the aeronautical sector (More Electrical Aircraft), in which AERTEC has been working for several years designing and developing intelligent and dynamic power distribution solutions for aircraft.

Headed by Country Manager Joachim Drenckhan, AERTEC’s office in the German city of Hamburg has been operational since 2018. Mr. Drenckhan leads a team of 42 professionals who manage manufacturing engineering and electrical systems or advanced air mobility projects, among other areas of specialization, including also important R&D activities that are developed from this office. “Having a headquarters location in Hamburg allows AERTEC to enjoy a relevant strategic position, and is one of the pillars of our growth in Europe”, says Joachim Drenckhan.

Part of this growth is taking place precisely in the field of advanced air mobility, in which Hamburg has become an official EU model region for testing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) related technologies. In fact, AERTEC is part of a consortium together with 10 other entities that is currently working to develop, build and create a model of modular vertiports (airfields for drones) by 2024, as well as their integration as urban infrastructure.

AERTEC has a broad portfolio of clients in Germany, “and our intention is to continue to grow, especially in the field of aerospace systems and technology”, adds AERTEC’s Country Manager. “That is why ILA Berlin is the best forum to showcase the full range of AERTEC’s services and solutions”.

In 2022, the company celebrates its 25-year history as a consolidated international technology company specializing in the aeronautics and aerospace sector with subsidiaries in 7 countries and more than 600 employees.


AERTEC at ILA Berlin


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