Humberto Delgado International Airport

Advisory services for increasing capacity Humberto Delgado International Airport (Portugal)

Autoridade Nacional da Aviação Civil (ANAC) Traffic forecasting, Business advisory and Transaction support and due diligence

Date: 2018

AERTEC Solutions is the lead technical advisor and project manager to the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority for the technical and financial advisory and evaluation of the studies regarding options to increase the capacity of Humberto Delgado International Airport.

As lead of the Portela-Montijo consortium, together with two more partners, we are currently evaluating potential capacity enhancements proposed by the current private concessionaire. These potential enhancements include the refurbishment of an existing Portuguese Air Force Base located in Montijo to adapt it for the operation of commercial aviation, and the expansion of the existing Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport. The concessionaire has proposed to operate a dual airport system in Lisbon focusing the hub operations in the existing airport and moving the point to point operations to the New Montijo Airport.


The tasks currently being carried out by AERTEC Solutions and its team include:

¬ Calculation of the capacity of the different subsystems (Runway, Apron and Terminal Building) for both airports and a benchmarking analysis with other similar airports.

¬ Evaluation of the airport maximum capacity.

¬ Full airside simulation of the operations of Humberto Delgado Airport with the aim to detect bottlenecks in the operation of the runway, taxiway and apron system.

¬ Review of the concept design for the development of the new airport and the expansion works for Portela proposed by the concessionaire.

¬ Review of the expansion phasing proposed and how will affect to the airport operations.

¬ Detailed CAPEX forecasting for both developments, and the analysis of the difference between the CAPEX estimate prepared by the concessionaire, and the CAPEX estimate done by our team of experts.

¬ Review of traffic forecasts, revenues and OPEX forecasts.

The added value provided by AERTEC Solutions included our in-depth knowledge about airport subsystems capacity, and the ability to understand the operations procedures in a high congested airport. Our specialists use a professional software to simulate the aircraft ground operations and terminal building passenger flow, helping to find future capacity restrictions.

AERTEC Solutions is specialised in airport design projects, traffic forecasting analysis, OPEX and CAPEX models which has contributed positively to provide a complete analysis from the main airport disciplines: operational, technical and financial. A multidisciplinary team of experts to coordinate and provide integral solutions to our clients.