Interactive kiosk airport

Interactive information points based on touchscreen technology

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Date: 2009-2011
Clients: EULEN Facility Services, AENA (Barcelona, Sevilla and Bilbao airports), IBERIA

The information service in an airport offers constant assistance to passengers, and answers all the questions they may have during their time at the airport. This service is usually provided via airport staff and fixed information points distributed around the airport terminal.

At AERTEC we have developed a solution based on multimedia kiosks that help the passengers independently resolve any query that they might have during their time at the airport.

The solution is integrated into the airport flight information system and allows the passenger to consult any information related to their flight. This can be either via the touchscreen interface or by scanning their boarding pass across the barcode reader built into the kiosk.

The system will advise the passenger of any incidents associated to the flight, and if the boarding gate has already been assigned, the kiosk will show the user a map of the terminal, along with the route they must take to get to it.

The kiosk can also provide the location of other points of interest such as the baggage trolley pickup points, toilets, restaurants, shops, check-in counters or baggage reclaim belts.

And if for some reason the passenger cannot find what they need on the interface, they can connect to the customer services team via a video call, using the system’s built-in camera, speakers and microphone.

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