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MARKERS, Airport guiding for guests specialized in ADA

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Date: 2019 – 

Guiding markers can be read by guests with a smartphone/tablet for wayfinding using Augmented Reality (AR) and any other information on demand.

The innovative and robust technology of the markers allows an instant, simultaneous (up to 100 markers at once) and accurate read, making it suitable for ADA guests. These markers are static and its behaviour is software defined turning them as a perfect complement for the airport signage.


Benefits for guests:

  • Almost any space becomes available for people with visual disabilities, both blindness and low vision
  • Complementary, it is also a useful visual guide to people who can see, providing an enriched visual information
  • Eliminates linguistic barriers for all users as the signage information is displayed in the language of the user’s smartphone
  • Offers enriched multimedia information of value to the user
  • Can be applied to other groups, for example, show graphic information for people with cognitive disabilities (e.g. Autism) in a pictogram mode
  • It includes dynamic signage adapted to each user and to each moment


Maximum autonomy for visually impaired guests

Accessibility is provided to any space for people with visual disabilities in a reliable and accurate manner. A person with visual impairment can use the app on their smartphone and can detect the location of the markers through the camera, be guided to the marker´s position by sounds and listen to the voice over of the information from that point.



This solution complements the indoor positioning solutions that currently exist in the market and that are more inaccurate and expensive. These markers will be located in key places and when read, by using augmented reality, will have a different behavior depending on the destination of the guest.


On demand information

This solution also provides enriched multimedia information of the airport points of interest. Using the same markers, the guests will obtain very useful information about shops, restaurants, flights, etc. It can be modified and personalized depending on their destination.

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