Sell side advisory for the concession El Dorado II Airport (Colombia)

ANI (Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura) / Policy and sector studies, Property, Environmental Traffic forecasting, Business advisory and Transaction support and due diligence

Date: 2017-2019

AERTEC Solutions is one of the leading partners in a consortium working on the feasibility studies, business aviation strategy, and full structuring of the future PPP deal for Phase I and II of the new El Dorado II airport, together with the runways and taxiways of the existing Bogotá’s Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado.

The technical structuring consists of defining the right aviation strategy, estimating the required CAPEX investment and technical scoping, developing the necessary level of service requirements, and to develop the technical specifications for the new airport.

Furthermore, the studies also include the assessment of the connectivity of the two Bogotá airports. The objective of these works is to complete a robust set of technical, legal, and financial documents that enable a successful PPP transaction.


The full scope of works is currently being carried out by AERTEC Solutions and its two partners forming the Joint Venture in six distinct phases:

¬ Phase I: Technical, financial, and legal diagnostic, and traffic forecasts. These include the assessment of the current tariff structures, as well as the forecast for various modes of transport, not only aviationrelated, as well as preliminary zoning, social, and environmental studies.

¬ Phase II: Preliminary planning and design of the new infrastructure, which includes the relocation of facilities to make room for new developments, new road and rail infrastructure, as well as the design of the enabling supporting networks.

¬ Phase III: Aviation business strategy development.

¬ Phase IV: Technical, legal, and financial structuring.

¬ Phase V: Tender process and appointment of a PPP consortium.

¬ Phase VI: Signature of the PPP contract and hand-over.