Technical advisory for the fifth wave of airport privatization (Brazil)

Fraport AG / Business advisory and Transaction support and due diligence

Date: 2018

Fraport AG selected a consortium led by AERTEC Solutions to provide technical support services during the 5th airports privatization tranche in Brazil. This new wave or privatizations is composed of 12 airports grouped in three clusters with diverse profiles of existing infrastructure, constrains, capacity requirements and traffic forecasts.

AERTEC Solutions is working hand in hand with a Brazilian local engineering firm and another European aviation consultancy company to provide the following services:


¬ On site due diligence, focused on the condition of the airports, compliance with Brazilian aviation and building standards and operations management

¬ Capacity assessment of landside infrastructure, terminal buildings, and airfield, plus demand gap analysis to identify the needs for a 30 years concession period.

¬ Master planning, developing various options and sub-options, and analysis of feasibility, pros and cons to support an optioneering analysis.

¬ Conceptual designs for landside, terminal building and airfield to provide enough information for the preparation of CAPEX projections.

¬ CAPEX, REPEX (for existing and future infrastructures) and OPEX projections.

¬ Risk management, including determination of uncertainties, risks and opportunities, as well as their probability and potential impact on the CAPEX.

¬ Support in the business model decision making process.

The services are to be provided along 6 months, covering all the above tasks until the auction process. During the consultancy services, a continuous process of iteration, value engineering and CAPEX optimization was undertaken, in order to arrive to a competitive proposal, fully consistent with a feasible business model. These services are currently ongoing. The team, composed by aviation experts working in parallel in 5 different locations, hold bi-weekly workshop meetings both in Brazil and Europe, to exchange inputs and to ensure full coordination of all the work streams.

These privatization processes require advisors with sound knowledge of airport planning, forecasting and analysis, airport operations, risk management, and how all of this translates into a bulletproof airport business plan for our clients. This is where AERTEC Solutions provides amazing value to our customers.