AERTEC Airport technology solutions

Consulting services for the airport IT system life cycle

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Date: 2019 – today

AERTEC Solutions trought its expertise, manage the entire life of a system from its conception through design, implementation and ongoing operations to guarantee that integrates people, data and business systems.


Strategic planning: IT masterplan

We help to translate the airport goals and projects proposal in the airport masterplan into the realm of IT.

Our services:

  • IT masterplanning (creation, update, audit)
  • GAP analysis
  • Market research
  • New IT system analysis

System planning

We help the airport to determine the boundaries of the IT system in terms of operations, valve and funding.

Our services:

  • Cost-Benefit analysis
  • Funding

Implementation phase

Assisting the airport to manage, design, acquire, and deploy a new system.

Our services:

  • Project planning
  • System specification (atributes, functioning and performance)
  • Procurement package (docs)
  • Procurement process (assessment, contract, etc.)
  • Deployment (system assurance)

Operations & Maintenance

We help the airport to define day-to-day operations, predictive, and preventive maintenance deploying personnel, support processes.

Our services

  • Procedures
  • Maintenance plans
  • Etc.
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