Functional analysis of the airfield of Palma de Mallorca Airport (Spain)

Airports planning & design 

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Place: Palma de Mallorca International Airport, Spain

Date: 2007-2008

Client: AENA Aeropuertos

Palma de Mallorca is the third Spanish airport in terms of passenger records, and the gate to Balear Isles. Since 2005, AERTEC Solutions has been awarded an extensive number of design projects and consultancy contracts. Also we have been the company in charge of achieve the ICAO aerodrome certification for this airport.

Some of the studies carried at this airport are related to safety and capacity assessments. Safety analyses were carried following ICAO methodologies. On the other hand, capacity assessments were conducted to improve the ground procedures of the aircraft. SIMMOD and AEROTURN were used throughout these studies not only for analysing modifications and alternatives, but also to check new proposals in which minor civil works could be needed.

Following these works, AERTEC Solutions was commissioned by AENA Aeropuertos the design of 2 new rapid exit taxiways (one per each runway). Again, SIMMOD and AEROTURN were valuable tools for this contract, as well as REDIM which supported the election of location of the two rapid exit taxiways.

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