Update/maintenance of aeronautical emergency plan, Malaga Airport (Spain)

Operational assessment

Operational safety management systems

Date: 2006 – 2012

Place: Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport, Malaga (Spain)

Client: AENA Aeropuertos

AERTEC Solutions updated and maintained Malaga- Costa del Sol Airport’s aeronautical emergency plan in accordance with the requirements laid down by the ICAO. Some of the key activities performed in this contract are as follows:

¬ Updating the aeronautical emergency plan documentation

¬ Organising and assessing periodic emergency drills in order to verify the current plan’s effectiveness, in addition to organising and holding such drills, drawing up a report on the conclusions and enhancements to be included in the emergency plan

¬ Designing and providing training and informative activities to both the airport’s internal staff (airport manager, airlines, handling companies, subcontractors, etc.) as well as to external players (civil protection managers, consulates, security forces, etc.)

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