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At AERTEC Solutions we believe that Innovation is an essential resource to grow and improve day by day.

We apply the following principles in each of our areas as a matter of conviction:

We have set out three work areas on which we will focus our innovation efforts as part of the company’s strategy for 2015-2020

Innovación en la industria 4.0

We believe this concept will play a leading role in the aeronautical industry’s evolution and development over the coming years. In a sector like this one, where the pace of production is exceedingly low, it aims to use the digitisation technologies we have available to develop more accurate and efficient processes.

In this context, we took part in several projects aimed at applying smart tools that contribute to increasing the efficiency of processes, operations optimisation and cost savings.

The areas of knowledge we are innovating in include:

This is a field of innovation in which we develop new solutions in the areas of guidance, communications and remotely piloted aircraft systems’ architecture by promoting international joint collaboration initiatives with universities, research centres and companies involved in the aerospace industry.

The areas of knowledge we are innovating in include:

  • Aerial platforms
  • Guidance, navigation and control
  • Mission systems
  • Data links and ground stations
  • Validation systems for new architectures and efficient algorithms
  • Advanced wiring systems and control units
  • Onboard systems
  • Semi-active laser terminal guidance systems
  • High-dynamic vehicles
Innovación en aeropuertos y experiencia del pasajero

The technology tools we currently have at our disposal allow for more enhanced interaction among the different players that coexist in an airport. The instant availability of information and the multiple sources which contribute to providing real-time data open up an enormous field in which new processes and tools can be developed to allow for more efficient, quicker and closer management.

The areas of knowledge we are innovating in include:

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Pedro Pablo Sánchez

Pedro Pablo Sánchez

Innovation Director


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