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Ground support equipment

Sistemas de prueba - Aviónica


These are testing systems for aeronautical laboratories, research institutes or test facilities. We are experts in the design, manufacturing and validation of test benches that run specific out-of-plane tests on avionics and mission systems to ensure any problems are avoided once the equipment is mounted onto its definitive location.


These types of testing systems are used to assess a system’s fulfilment of requirements during the system’s design and development stages.

Our strength resides in developing real-time systems equipped with intuitive human-machine interfaces (HMI) to monitor all kinds of parameters and control all the conditions in the loop, including operating status under certain environmental conditions.

The HMI allows the user to set different test scenarios for the units under test (UUT) and includes a report module for off-line analyses.

Sistemas de prueba
Sistemas de prueba

Testing and support

These are testing and support systems for operations where the equipment must be validated after the wiring and integration processes. More than 10 years of experience attest to our skills in designing and manufacturing electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic test benches for different aircraft systems such as engines, brake packages, communications, fuel, data buses, flight controls, etc., including all types of sensors and transducers.

The scope of the activity includes electrical and mechanical design, software integration, aesthetics and ergonomics, technical documentation, training and after-sales support.

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Pedro Becerra

Pedro Becerra

Aerospace & Defence Corporate Director
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Rafael Márquez

Aerospace & Defence Systems Director


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