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Critical systems

Critical systems

Electronic and hardware equipment

With regard to critical hardware development, as experts in electronics integration for aerospace and defence systems, we build reliable systems that are capable of running under extreme conditions (temperature, acceleration, etc.). In addition, our expert engineers are able to design and manufacture tailor-made electronic circuits to optimise resources, if necessary.


As regards software development, we focus on aerial platform onboard systems. We can develop complex systems for a variety of mission systems using modelling tools (MATLAB and SIMULINK) and microcontroller and FPGA programming.

Another relevant line of activity directly connected to onboard software development is the ARINC 653 standard used to implement the integrated modular avionics (IMA) concept, which is a significant advance for avionics software applications.

All these systems are critical from a safety standpoint. That is why we base developments on the VxWorks 653 real-time operating system and gear them to certification under the DO-178B standard to ensure robustness and reliability, while project management is based on the CMMI methodology to ensure traceability and repeatability.

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Pedro Becerra

Pedro Becerra

Aerospace & Defence Corporate Director
Rafael Márquez

Rafael Márquez

Aerospace & Defence Systems Director


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