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Defence systems

The system is totally modular and allows for the guidance kit’s integration into different platforms for several applications by simply making a few small adjustments to the onboard software.

Sistemas guiados

Guidance kit for reconverting unguided rockets

  • Guidance kit suitable for conventional unguided rockets. It is easily mountable, and uses conventional launchers with small adjustments.
  • Intermediate navigation system (based on INS), which notably increases ballistic range.

Light aerial platform micro-missile

  • In-house development for all the missile's systems.
  • In-house development of a high-performance rocket engine.
  • Especially designed for use on light unmanned platforms.
  • It is currently in the process of being integrated into our unmanned aerial platforms TARSIS.

Let's talk aeronautics

Pedro Becerra

Pedro Becerra

Aerospace & Defence Corporate Director
Rafael Márquez

Rafael Márquez

Aerospace & Defence Systems Director


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