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UAS Tarsis 75

AERTEC Solutions’ TARSIS platform is a high-technology light tactical UAS designed for observation, surveillance and light weapons integration applications. It is a high-performance versatile solution that allows for different configurations and missions.

TARSIS 75, a fixed-wing light UAS

The TARSIS 75 is a high-end class I UAS system in the 75 kg category. It has been designed and built specifically to deliver two very important features:

The system executes its complete flight plan (including take-off and landing) in a fully automated way, but it can still be commanded manually at any time.

It is capable of operating on different types of runways and terrains.

There are a variety of operational options such as catapult launching, emergency recovery by parachute and a backup satellite communications system to ensure the safety and security of operations, among many other options.

MTOW75 kg
Maximum payload12 kg
Maximum flight time12 h
Maximum flight altitude5.000 m o.s.l.
Operational video range70 / 150 km
Wingspan5,2 m
Length3,8 m
Heigh0,96 m
Propulsion100 cc
Cruise speed100 km / h
Waypoints configuration
Holding patterns
Return to base mode
Constant altitude flight plans
Linear or helical ascending and descending manoeuvres
Planned and/or commanded Loiter
Contingency/emergency manoeuvres implementation
Nominal runway operations
Catapult launch (optional)
Parachute emergency recovery

Primary real time video/data link:

Communications frequencyAdapted to local needs
Type of antennaDirectional
Operational video range70 / 150 km

Secondary data link (optional):

Communications frequencySatellite link
Operational video rangeUnlimited

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