Ingeniería industrial y logística para la planta de Airbus en Harbin (China)

Ingeniería industrial
Lugar: Harbin (China)
Fecha: 2010
Cliente: AIRBUS

Industrial engineering and logistics for Harbin Airbus plant (China).

AERTEC´s participation in the development of Airbus’s new plant in Harbin for the manufacture of parts of the A350 XWB was divided into three work packages:

  1. Detailed layout of the assembly area
  2. Complete plant logistics definition
  3. DELMIA physical and analytical simulation

For the part of Industrial and Logistics Organization for programs A320 & A350 Rudder, A320 & A350 Elevator, S19 A350 Door Access, A350 belly fairing panels and A320 Spar HTP, AERTEC has developed the following work:

  • Analysis and organization of logistics flows of parts and people required for the development of the work.
  • Capacity analysis for sizing of human and material resources (machines and stands.)
  • Definition of work cells, logistics corridors and walkways for pedestrians of assembly and manufacturing area.
  • Organization of each working cell by placing the means of transport and storage of components, steps, benches, shelving, parts, tools and teaching aids, rack of standard parts, management area and sealants area and production support area.
  • Requirements analysis and definition of conceptual features of industrial means of transport and handling.
  • Analysis of the supply chain required to supply the normal consumption points and components, as well as the management of ASRM, tools and waste areas.
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