Especificación técnica para el servicio de “Industrial Coordination Support” en el A400M FTC

Manufacturing engineering
Technical consultancy / Operations
Date: 2012-ongoing
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

A work team joined the Flight Test Centre (FTC) last May to provide support to aircraft managers in day-to-day production task coordination. The team also provides support to any other additional work connected with production tasks, including: preparing the N1 shift start monitoring report, monitoring partners’ maintenance tasks, coordinating the delivery of kits and parts, managing industrial resources and laboratory equipment loans, etc.

The service has been outsourced. AERTEC’s PMOs are therefore located at the client’s facilities and integrated into the work teams. Hence, each service is tailored but focused on each specific type of background needed.

Work phases

  • Initiation: Identification of the requirements and analysis of possibilities for completion
  • Execution: Coordination and synchronisation of previously planned tasks. Monitoring daily and short-term planning, reconciling milestones and ensuring their attainment. Reporting on the progress of production activities and the aircraft’s status up to their definitive closure
  • Control: Monitoring of the aircraft’s status and the work in progress of production activities for decision-making purposes. Drawing up daily ongoing reports covering the work teams’ different shifts: N1 document, status of deliverables, resources and organisation, etc.
  • Closure: Formalising the project’s closure

Scope of work

  • Providing support to Aircraft Team Managers (ATMs), coordination and monitoring of planned production tasks
  • Milestone monitoring and reconciliation
  • Attending periodic monitoring meetings and programme status reporting
  • Setting the main KPIs
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