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AERTEC Solutions exports its digitisation technology to the Airbus plant in Hamburg

AERTEC Solutions, the international engineering and consultancy company that specialises in aviation, has just signed a collaboration agreement with the European manufacturer Airbus to sell it a smart industrial manufacturing system called i-Workbench. This is an efficient solution developed by AERTEC for the digitised manufacturing of electric cable harnesses, assembly of parts and preforms and assembly of equipment. A process that is 100% compatible with industry 4.0 and designed to improve the work of staff by reducing costs, preparation and contact times and improving the final quality of the product.


i-Workbench is a system that has been custom-designed for the operators of the manufacturing process. It reduces eye strain by having overhead optical projectors with UV filters, which avoid the effects of radiation on the eyes; it provides direct access to the workstation’s information system through interactive and digital production orders; it provides real-time and up-to-date information about standards, models, databases and diagrams/drawings; it includes dynamic software with an incident display system and it controls production in real time.


AERTEC Solutions already successfully implemented this new working method two years ago in the Airbus Tablada plant, in Seville. Its good results mean that we can now export this solution to the Airbus plant in Hamburg. The international technology company will also be overseeing the entire integration process of this smart manufacturing system in the European manufacturer’s facilities in Hamburg. This latest achievement is in addition to the specialised engineering work that AERTEC performs in the industrialisation, control and management of aeronautical manufacturing programmes and the implementation of technological plant control solutions. The Andalusian company is also a preferred supplier (Tier 1) of the Airbus Group for manufacturing engineering and programme management services for its civil and military aircraft.


i-Workbench is a production system that is currently being operated for the manufacture of aerospace electric cable harnesses, but it could also be used in other industrial sectors involving workstation digitisation processes.

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