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Infographic / Augmented reality in airports

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Header infographic AR airports

The aviation sector has all the necessary ingredients to make it an attractive testing ground for the latest technologies as they emerge. The confluence of millions of potential users, dozens of different services, complex processes, high security requirements and other unique factors mean that many managers implement applications that have barely been used in other environments.

Augmented reality is possibly one of the technologies that we have most easily integrated into our lives. The ubiquitous presence of mobile phones, which are increasingly relied on in our daily lives, have a lot of the responsibility for this. Almost everyone has some application on their device that makes use of this type of solution, and airports could do no less.

In this infographic we have made a brief compilation of the main applications for augmented reality in airports, both in the landside and in the airside areas. Each of the applications that are mentioned in the airport field has, in turn, a whole host of possibilities for diversification and specialisation. Many are already a reality, however some are still yet to come.


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Infographic augmented reality

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