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Infographic / Smart travel

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Airports are the epicentre of air transport and therefore the place where most of the effort to improve passenger experience is focused. Since the launch of the first air transport terminals, there have been steady advances in multiple different areas, including everything from the architecture of the buildings to the technology available in them, and oriented towards optimising the services provided to users. To this effect, practically all technological progress has had a direct or indirect application on some aspect of air transport.

It’s possible that nothing has contributed more to the overall improvement of passenger experience than all the technology associated with the use of mobile phones.

Sometimes, however, these advances go unnoticed by airport users, because the changes are focused on areas that are not directly visible to them. This is the case for improvements related to infrastructure, safety and internal services. However, on other occasions, passengers perceive these changes and get to enjoy some of these experiences.

Without a doubt, one of the elements that has contributed most in this regard has been the universal adoption of smartphones as a means of communication and global interaction between people. It is likely that the salient aspects of new mobile devices, apart from their obvious utility in communication, are the unique identification of the carrier and their ability to be customised in each case. In addition, it is virtually impossible to find a single person throughout an entire airport or aircraft who does not have one. This makes them a key element in the context of smart airports or – going one step further – smart travel.

In this infographic we present the possibilities offered by personal mobile phones for passengers and airport managers, as well as some applications that, although still not operational, are in the process of being developed, and will come into operation very soon.


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