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Guest column by the Swiss Aerospace Cluster

Picture of Erik Linden

Erik Linden

Swiss Aerospace Cluster / Managing Director


The Swiss Aerospace Cluster is the industry network supporting the Swiss aerospace industry in the transfer of contacts, knowledge and technology. One of the cluster’s key goals is being the sector network for the transfer of knowledge and technology of the Swiss Aviation and space sector, the satellite navigation and the supply and downstream industry. The focus lies on connecting universities, universities of applied science, research and development organizations as well as Aerospace and service companies, particularly SMEs. Other key focal points are representing the sector’s interests, the contact management, public relations, international networking, promoting R&D projects, events and realizing reports for the Aerospace industry.

 The Swiss Aerospace Cluster is ready to develop business in the Middle East and expands its knowledge and competencies to new markets.

Having reached the milestone of 100 members, the Swiss Aerospace Cluster can look back to a fruitful and exciting history. On the one hand, it is a declared goal of the cluster to enable advanced cooperation among our members since increasing numbers of members are the best way to enlarge cooperation possibilities. With this goal in mind, our focus still lies on continuously acquiring more members, particularly in the aeropsace producing and service industry. The Swiss Aerospace Cluster is involved in establishing new contacts and maintaining existing partnerships with European Aerospace clusters as well. Like the Swiss Aerospace Cluster, most of these foreign Aerospace clusters are members of the EU supported EACP European Aerospace Cluster Partnership. That is why the Swiss Aerospace Cluster plays in active role in this huge Aerospace network organization.

On the other hand, networking events of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster generated many opportunities for all stakeholders. The Swiss Aerospace Cluster visited the facilities of the own member companies, combined those visits with so-called SACTalks on specific topics of the industry or organized events by themselves with partner clusters from all over the world (e.g., Bodensee Aerospace Meeting in Zurich). Particularly, for new members, these events were a good opportunity to introduce their company and get welcomed by the family of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster. Of course, a highlight of the past was the first joint action of the helicopter competence center at the Dubai Airshow in November 2017. Being present with a Swiss Pavilion, the signal was clear: the Swiss Aerospace Cluster is ready to develop business in the Middle East and expands its knowledge and competencies to new markets. In Shenyang (China), the Swiss Aerospace Cluster did also leave the first „footprint“. We had the opportunity to present our competence in front of high-ranking politicians, aviation companies and other important shareholders of the industry.

Looking into the future, we see some important milestones on our agenda. We will receive visits from clusters of Europe and Asia and thus host interesting cross cluster events. We will also foster the entry into new markets with our existing expertise and our huge network with already planned activities in China, Dubai, Northern America and the Nordic European countries.

The Swiss Aerospace Cluster is looking forward to meeting you at an event of the cluster, a partner event or at a trade fair soon.


Erik Linden
Managing Director
Swiss Aerospace Cluster



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