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Infographic / London’s airports




The United Kingdom has traditionally been a place where aviation has thrived, in the context of both civil and military aviation. This has contributed to London, with Heathrow Airport at its head, becoming one of the most important airport hubs in the world.

Overall, the six airports in the London area transported more than 170 million passengers last year, 92.46% of which were on international flights, which gives a clear picture of the importance of London’s airport system on a worldwide level.

The six airports in London are Heathrow (45.60% of the total traffic), Gatwick (26.63%), Stansted (15.14%), Luton (9.35%), London City (2.65%) and Southend (0.64%). However, in its metropolitan area there are also around ten small aerodromes, and even a few military air bases that on occasion have contributed to the movement of civilian passengers for a number of different reasons.

And where do these airports fly to? Over half (close to 56%) of passenger traffic is made up of routes to/from countries in the European Union, which is trailed by passengers coming from or going to the USA/Canada, who make up 12% of the total.

These and many other data are collected in this infographic, which highlights the importance of the airport system in the metropolitan area of London as a catalyst for international air passenger transport, especially between Asia, Europe and America.

We hope you like it.


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Source: UK Civil Aviation Authority, International Air Transport Association, Heathrow Airport Annual Report, Gatwick Airport Annual Report and AERTEC Solutions.
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