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Infographic / Vehicles which fly and travel the roads (II)

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As a continuation of the infographic we posted a few months ago, we are posting the second part on the evolution of hybrid vehicles which travel along roads and fly.

We have recently seen an upswing in general interest in vehicles that can fly and travel along the highway. Some call them flying cars while others express outrage at this term. Let’s say just that they are multi-purpose vehicles that allow one fly and drive along highways, which is quite something.

This expectation has been aroused by several news items and presentations coinciding in a short time, like Airbus’s interesting Pop.Up or Uber’s announcement that it would have a global fleet of these vehicles by 2020.

Even though many believe these kinds of devices are inherent to the extraordinary developments in aeronautics in recent years and particularly the technology developed for unmanned vehicles, the truth of the matter is they are nothing new, as we already mentioned in the preceding infographic (September 2017 – check out for more).

We are now taking a quick look at the most relevant flying car prototypes from the 1970s to the present.


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Source: Own work. Special thanks to Manuel Castellanos for his data collection.
The contents of this document are intellectual property of AERTEC Solutions. Any copy or diffusion is allowed as long as it is integrally done to the document and preserves at all times AERTEC Solutions’ trademark.



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