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Infographic / Airport winter action plans

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Amelia Barrera

Technology consulting

Brussels Airport winter operations

One of the issues that we tend to be most concerned about when travelling is weather. And it’s not just about anticipating what the weather will be like during our stay at our chosen destination, but also assessing the difficulties we might meet on our way. With the arrival of winter, the risks associated with travelling are increased due to the greater frequency and incidence of adverse weather conditions. Snow, ice and fog are among the most serious phenomena that can be met in this season.

One of the objectives of those responsible for the management of transport infrastructure is to keep the potential impact of any of these meteorological elements to the minimum. To this end, action plans are designed which are regularly updated and which include the actions and resources that should be deployed in each case.

In air transport, airports are a key location because of their huge exposed area and the number of operations that are concentrated in them. In this infographic we have collected some basic issues that are usually taken into account in airports when designing their strategy for adverse winter events.

From now on, when travelling in winter, even under the most difficult conditions, you can remember that there is someone already working to ensure that your air travel is as safe and pleasant as possible.


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