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Infographic / The future of air transport in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Like every year, the major companies of the sector, especially the manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, present their views regarding the situation of the airline industry as well as their forecasts for the future of the aviation market. This year has been no exception and it would appear that we can rest assured because the overall expectations are being met despite the odd scare or two due to such disparate factors as fuel prices or the geopolitical situation in certain places.

In this context, one market which is growing without making a song and dance about it is the Latin American and Caribbean region. Everything points to a promising future in the air transportation industry. The most encouraging thing is that despite the recession present in many countries in the region, passenger and cargo demand is continuing to grow. In fact, forecasts show a growth scenario of 4.7% in the next 20 years.

The market for long-range passenger tickets (international) will experience strong growth, but it is the domestic and regional markets which will lead in terms of passenger growth by tripling current figures.

Although forecasts vary depending on who makes them, they are very encouraging nevertheless. According to Airbus, in 2034 the fleet of commercial airplanes in Latin American and the Caribbean will be 2760 aircraft; 2263 of which will be new. Boeing forecasts a market with 3320 aircraft; 2760 of which will have to roll out of factories during this period.

With regard to airports, all cases suggest that 9 of the 91 megacity airports in the world will be located in Latin America and the Caribbean and alongside them will be a great number of airports which will process over 10 million passengers per year.

In short, these are some positive forecasts that we wished to summarise in an infographic that will surely guide the reader through one of the most exciting markets of the aviation industry. We invite you to download it, enjoy it, and share it.


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Source: Annual reports of Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier; Stats of Infraesro, ANI Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura and aeropuertos shown in the infographic, Internet live stats, Real Time Statistics Project, 2016.
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