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The “Factory of the Future” will play a leading role in the future of the aviation aeronautical industry

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The CEO of AERTEC, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, was interviewed by Canal Sur TV, where he had the opportunity to give a deep and thorough analysis of the current situation in the aeronautic sector.

During the “Aerospace & Defence Meetings” partnering event in Seville, he revealed the full weight of how the aeronautic industry affects in the whole of Spain, and especially, in Andalusia. In this context, the presence of more than one hundred aerospace industry companies in the region and, in particular the boost from said cluster of companies, is starting to bear fruit and foster a competitive and highly technological environment.

For the CEO of AERTEC, it is an industry where “the workforce is highly skilled and permanent”. It is very important for Andalusia “to be one of the three places in Europe where there is a final assembly chain for large aircraft”. The Andalusian aeronautical tradition, which spans several generations, has “led to the installation of an auxiliary environment and a very competitive supply chain”.

According to Gomez-Guillamón, “the front-runner in the current aviation industry in Andalusia is the Airbus A400M; an excellent aeroplane for which great success is forecast in the coming years. To be precise, one of the great challenges we face as companies, participating either directly or indirectly, is to reach the production ratios which aircraft clients demand, as well as doing it well.”

For the most part, the “Factory of the Future” is a concept that will play a leading role in aviation industry development in the coming years.” “In an industry with a very slow production rate, this means using new technologies within our reach to develop more precise and efficient processes”.

You can see the full interview via the following link: Full interview



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