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AERTEC at the ADM Seville 2016

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AERTEC participated in the third edition of the “ADM Sevilla 2016” business meeting from the 10th to 13th May. The company, which has a presence in large global aeronautical programs, showcased its new technological solutions aimed at the application of the “Factory of the Future” in the aerospace industry.

This concept, also known as “Industry 4.0”, considers the integration of traditional production technologies with newer ones (advanced Robotics, digital engineering, Internet). The objective is to consolidate new advanced manufacturing methods in order to increase competitiveness, productivity and efficiency in aerospace production. AERTEC Solutions is investing a great deal in the development of these new technological solutions, as they are set to be the future and development of aircraft design over the next few decades.

The company has participated in the development and integration of workbench solutions based on Augmented Reality (AR) for aircraft manufacturers, and has developed new tools to implement the simulation of production environments and telepresence as a support aid in factories.

As well as these new applications for the Factory of the Future, AERTEC Solutions will reveal its technological products and solutions aimed at aerospace systems. The company will be focusing especially on unmanned systems and platforms (RPAS/UAS) for the aerospace and defence sectors where it already has its own technological guidance and control solutions in use, which can be applied to unmanned aircraft systems and high dynamic platforms.

In this area, its TARSIS 75 unmanned aerial platform stands out, a light tactical high-tech RPAS, designed for observation and monitoring applications. With a wingspan of 5.2 m and length of 2.9 m, this platform area is a versatile, high performing solution, which allows for different configurations and missions. Its characteristics include a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 75 kg; a maximum load weight of 12 kg; a fuel endurance of 8-15 hours, and a cruising speed of 110 km/h.

AERTEC Solutions participated in two of the workshops in the event programme, tackling the “Factory of the Future” and “Aerospace systems and the most electrical aircraft” alongside other industry experts.

The company revealed its engineering service portfolio for the aerospace industry and for the entire aircraft industrial cycle (industrialisation, production and testing) at its 24 m² corporate stand located in the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre, FIBES (Stand 8).

“Our goal is to strengthen our strategic positioning as one of the specialist international engineering companies for the aeronautic industry through the development and application of our own technology which optimises resources and production processes in the sector. ADM is the most important meeting in Spain in terms of analysing new business opportunities, consolidating relationships with partners and collaborators and contacting new or potential clients”, stated Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, AERTEC director.

ADM Sevilla is the largest business forum in the aerospace industry in Spain and takes place in Seville from the 10th to 13th May. The event is organised by the Ministry for Economic affairs and Knowledge of the Regional Government of Andalusia, via Extenda (Agency of Foreign Promotion in Andalusia) and BCI Aerospace.

The event counts on the support and sponsorship of the leading companies and agents in the sector at national and regional levels and is expecting the participation of more than 460 companies from 20 countries, including the manufacturers Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, and up to 41 other large contractors and Tier One companies in the sector.

Strong increase in 2015 sales

AERTEC’s upward trajectory in the technological field has been accompanied by the company’s solid consolidation in the international market in 2015 when it experienced a new quantitative and qualitative leap. The company‘s end-year showed a turnover of €22 million; an increase of 30% compared to 2014 which confirms the company’s growth in the industry in recent years.

Of particular note is the consolidation of its international turnover which reached €5.5 million and represents 25% of its overall income; a percentage which is even higher in its airport division where the company’s figures exceed 70%. This growth and expansion in foreign markets was driven by the development of new projects in new countries, and has consequently reached a global number of projects in 26 countries, spread over the five continents at more than 100 airports.



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