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Challenges for the airport development in South America / video

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AERTEC Solutions points out Latin America as one of the main markets with the highest growth potential in the airport sector.



AERTEC Solutions, a multinational consultancy and engineering firm specialised in airports, aerospace industry and air transportation, has pointed out Latin America as one of the airport markets with greater growth potential for the next decades.

Carlos Berenguer, AERTEC Solutions’ Aviation Director, emphasised on the opportunity this market represents to continue developing the airport sector: “it is already being favoured with the intense change this market is experiencing in several countries in the recent years. It will be even greater in the future given the 6% increase the air transport has foreseen for the continent in the following 20 years.

He indicated that “the main challenge to fulfil the demand and to continue with the strong development the airport sector in Latin America is experiencing is not only by carrying out the required investments in order to have new and modern infrastructure that cover the demand, but also by offering quality services to the future customers, creating safe and comfort spaces”. Berenguer has given as example of the sector’s development some of the projects carried out along the continent in which AERTEC Solutions has collaborated, regarding the creation and improvement of the facilities at the airports of Bogota (Colombia), Lima (Peru), and Santiago (Chile), that will have a remarkable growth in the next years.



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