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AERTEC Solutions promotes the Factory of the Future at Montreal





AERTEC Solutions, the engineering and consultancy multinational specialising in aeronautics, is boosting its technology activities with the development of new tools aimed at improving engineering, manufacturing and assembly processes in the aerospace industry with a view towards the so-called Factory of the Future.

The company showcased its developments at Aeromart Montreal, one of the most important business meetings in the aerospace industry held in North America, which took place in Montreal, Canada from 30 March to 2 April. AERTEC Solutions took part in this event with its own stand (Stand 1418), where it explained its extensive portfolio of expert engineering services for the industry in order to boost its international strategy and establish new business contacts with aerospace companies and organisations in Canada and the North American continent.

“The introduction and integration of new technology tools by all stakeholders involved in industrial processes (market-driving companies, engineering firms, ancillary industries) are becoming an essential aspect to carry on improving and innovating in the industry, since they provide significant advantages in terms of increasing efficiency, optimising operations and cost savings“, said Rafael Márquez, Head Aerospace Systems at AERTEC Solutions.

“The future of industrial processes in the aeronautical industry depends on the interconnectivity of production processes, automated robotics, the application of new smart tools and the availability of digital information online, so that operators and workers can validate operations which have been performed through smart glasses, tablets or mobile devices in the factories themselves”, explained David Doral, the company’s Manufacturing Engineering and Industry Director.

Within this context, the multinational showcased some of the initiatives it is currently developing in conjunction with other partners with a view towards the so-called Factory of the Future or Digital Factory. The project known as “Digitising Knowledge-Related and Manufacturing Processes” stands out among these initiatives. It aims to adapt technology and virtual reality environments, which are presently being applied in video games, to digitise knowledge-related and management processes at aircraft manufacturing plants.

This project is being developed jointly with Airbus Group Innovations, an Airbus Group technology subsidiary, and Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. It is geared at developing technology demonstrators and prototypes which can approve and validate new technology. AERTEC Solutions is providing its know-how and experience in the aircraft industrial cycle. The company’s portfolio of activities in this area includes aircraft manufacturing engineering services, industrialisation support, control and management of aeronautical manufacturing programmes, test systems development and the implementation of IT-based solutions to control plants.

It is currently a first-tier supplier of manufacturing engineering services and programme management to the Airbus Group for its civil and military aircraft, in addition to providing its know-how and experience in industrialisation activities, manufacturing support, assembly, and design and production support.


Aeromart Montreal

Aeromart Montreal is a biannual business meeting aimed at divulging opportunities in the Canadian and North American aerospace market and at encouraging business meetings and contacts among the industry’s main stakeholders.

The event, now being held for the fourth time, will be attended by more than 800 companies and 1,300 professionals from 28 countries, who will hold around 11,000 business meetings. The main companies which will take part in the event include Bombardier, Boeing, Airbus Group, Bell Helicopter, Safran, Pratt & Whitney, CAE, Honeywell, Dassault, Alenia Aermacchi, AVIC, Latécoère, Mitsubishi and General Atomics, among others.

The event also includes a series of conferences that will deal with the latest trends and initiatives in the aeronautical supply chain and the new technologies geared at making aviation more sustainable and respectful to the environment, as well as on other subjects.


About AERTEC Solutions

AERTEC Solutions is an engineering and consultancy multinational specialising in airports and the aerospace and defence industries with presence in the world’s largest aeronautical programmes including the A350XWB, A400M, A320 and A330MRTT, among others. It has carried out projects at over 70 airports spread out over 22 countries in five continents.

The company employs a team of over 400 professional experts in aeronautics and has offices in Spain, United Kingdom, France and Portugal.



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