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Infographic: Ground handling

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Ground assistance to aircraft, usually called ground handling, includes all the services rendered in an aerodrome to any aircraft, from landing until subsequent take-off. These services may be provided either by personnel from airlines themselves or by specialised companies. In any case, they observe standards and regulations which determine how each of the services must be provided with the purpose of ensuring safety and making proper operation easier.

This comes as an undoubtedly familiar picture for all those who have ever boarded an airplane. From the recognisable vehicle with the “Follow me” sign to those services which are not usually seen by passengers, such as fuelling, auxiliary air conditioning, cleaning or waste disposal.

In each case there are specific ground handling requirements concerning aircraft type, size, stopover nature, etc. Another difference is the number and type of services needed according to whether the aircraft is parked on the apron, far from the terminal or, on the contrary, next to it with a finger being coupled.

This infographic is aimed at showing the main ground handling services that any aircraft may require, as well as some fun facts which will definitely catch your eye. We invite you to enjoy, download and share it.


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