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Infographic: Airfield

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Everybody knows what an airport is, and more than likely the majority of us have used one at some point or another. An airport is the point of departure and point of arrival for air transport passengers. They are huge, extremely complex infrastructures that handle aircraft, passengers, cargo, baggage, fuel and catering, while also requiring an important amount of maintenance. As a passenger we are normally only in contact with a small area of the airport – principally the terminal building.

Nonetheless, the most essential part of the airport, the part which could be considered its raison d’être, is the airfield. A large number of different systems and installations come together on the airfield, allowing the aircraft that use it to operate safely and efficiently.

We have created the following infographic so that you can familiarise yourself with some of these installations that form a fundamental part of the activity that takes place on an airfield. Some are extremely recognisable, while others are usually completely overlooked by many passengers. Please feel free to download and share this infographic so you can find about more about the most aeronautical part of an airport.

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