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AERTEC Solutions unifies all its business lines under a single trade name

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AERTEC Solutions, the engineering and consultancy multinational specialising in the aeronautical industry, airports and air transport, has taken the decision to unify all its business lines under a single trade name. Hence, the companies AERTEC Industrial Engineering (formerly Glenser Aerospace) and AERIAM Technologies, which have operated under their own trade names up to now, will adopt the brand (trade name and image) of their parent company, AERTEC Solutions.

The multinational has already informed all its clients, employees and suppliers of this decision. The rest of the company’sbusiness, financial and institutional stakeholders have also been informed.

This is a branding decision in keeping with the globalisation process the aeronautical engineering multinational is undergoing and aimed at using a single trade name in a global market, where AERTEC Solutions focuses all its activities.

“We wish to take advantage of our specialisation in the aerospace and airport industries and the evident image and reputation-related synergies that exist among all our business lines to capitalise under a single brand all our knowledge, experience and credentials in a variety of areas, including: airport life cycle engineering services (conception, development and operation), aircraft industrial cycle engineering services (industrialisation, manufacturing and testing) and technology solutions for airport management, industrial plant management, aerospace systems and defence systems. A common mission requires a common trade name”, explained Fernando Martín, the Marketing and Communications Manager.

The multinational currently has offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Morocco and a team comprised of more than 380 professional experts specialising in aeronautics, which has carried out projects in 19 countries spread out over the five continents. The company has carried out projects at over 70 international airports and has made a significant contribution to the world’s large aeronautical programmes, such as the A350XWB, A400M, A320 and A330MRTT programmes.



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