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The value of the work performed at external centres


Normality in our day-to-day work is substantially conditioned by the physical location of our colleagues, who are usually at the client’s facilities. The professional efforts we naturally make in carrying out our tasks are increased when the contractor’s supervision is not limited to the end product, but rather includes the development of the mechanisms that make that product possible, as well as when the recipient of the service intervenes in the constant broadening of our professionals’ competencies or in the continuous monitoring of the enhancements we put forward.

Although from an objective standpoint some degree of independence is lost when the work is performed at the client’s premises, it is also true that such a situation of pressure allows us to gain first-hand knowledge about the most important needs connected to the production process. Similarly, it often gives us the possibility to anticipate the future needs of companies that engage our services. Due to all this, we form a qualified team backed by years of experience in the industry, which allows us to make timely consulting contributions or provide specific advice on the tasks entrusted to us, especially with regard to new ideas and implementations required by the companies which receive our services.

We become efficient and effective managers at the client’s facilities, but with a highly important incentive. We have developed a management outlook that the companies receiving the service share. When we are given the chance to do so, we take part in taking joint decisions that involve our department and are almost always entitled to take the floor and sometimes even to vote. Considering that we are just a part of our large clients’ business framework, this is an important factor to take into account, because we automatically add value to the work we are performing; value which is without doubt reflected in the end product our clients sell.

Perhaps as a result of the complex situations described above, we can say that we have grown and continue to grow professionally under the aegis of our objectives, with our self-imposed standards of excellence and with the independence granted by specific knowledge about the work, without ever forgetting the intrinsic dependence of the work we perform at external centres.



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