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The aeronautical system: In search of perfection


Man’s desire to reach sky dates back to extremely early on, however it did not become possible until we began to apply physics to aeronautical experimentation. Once it had been discovered that flight could be achieved by following fully calculable processes, numerous people began to study the parameters required, and over time the search for the perfect flying machine has become more and more productive.

Today, the objective and philosophy behind this work is based heavily on the performance of the aircraft. New resources and materials are constantly being introduced in order to produce mechanical structures that offer perfect stability while using as little energy as possible. This is making aircraft more and more economical to run while also being ecologically friendly.

Aeronautical regulations and standards are advancing, and in turn lead times and levels of efficiency are accelerating and growing

This aeronautical study, now over a hundred years old, has brought about a series of standards, physical laws and instructions, with standardised compliance to all of them providing us with the reliable aircraft that we know today. The achievement and respect of these standards has allowed aeronautics to become a science, constantly under study and always moving forwards.

Current aircraft manufacturing requires, therefore, a high level of professional qualification, along with specific expert personnel. Every single person working within the aeronautical sector has scientific interests, continuously searching their own level of perfection, trying to make supply and manufacture as seamless as possible. Exceptional aeronautical professionals nowadays don’t just simply respect the standards; they fully understand all of them and are fully aware of why they exist. Knowledge about the responsibility and scope of their work makes a person intuitive and open to any new resources or requirements, they become multi-skilled, capable and above all, dedicated to their work.

This constant search for perfectly manufactured equipment has created an aeronautical sector that aims to constantly move forward and advance through continuous study. The standards are advancing, and in turn the lead times and levels of efficiency are accelerating and growing. Aeronautical manufacturing aims to constantly improve the product, making it safer and more efficient but with greater capabilities.

In conclusion, it could be argued that the aeronautical way of working has now become one of the most capable and qualified work systems in industrial history.

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