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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The management of an airport requires the establishment of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in order to set the level of quality of the services provided by any company, agent or concessionaire at the Airport.

These pre-determined standards are then measured and assessed in order to check the level of compliance. Therefore, a set of indicators and parameters of the service quality level should be established in order to identify any weak points and carry out any improvement actions or procedures.

Given that the beneficiaries of these services are both the client and the end-users, a strict control and monitoring process of the level of the perceived level of quality must be performed. This information

Our services

AERTEC Solutions can assist your Airport during the establishment and monitoring of the SLA standards for all the different services

Acuerdos de nivel de servicio en aeropuertos
Aeropuertos SLA Acuerdos de Nivel de Servicio

How we do it

Our team includes both consultants and on site controllers who work together with our clients to obtain all the necessary information from the processes.

Once the SLA have been defined, the controller team monitor all the processes, collecting data from the SLA.

The analysis of the data and the feedback from the team are included in the SLA performing report. This report is available for the client in a daily, weekly, monthly format, according to each client’s needs.

The report includes general and specific information about the SLA compliance and its evolution.

Your benefits

Improve the quality of the services

Better control of the Airport services

Objective daily information from the performance of the processes

Create a base of improvement for the future

Collect information according to your requirements

You could have an observation team that reports any incidents detected in real time at your Airport

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