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FTS / Flight Termination System

A highly reliable and safe system for premature UAS flight termination in the event of unforeseen contingencies.

AERTEC's FTS / Flight Termination System

The FTS is the composed by the FTS-Air and FTSGround segments.

FTS-Air is the onboard segment in charge of activating the recuperation mood of the UAS and monitoring the FMS status through datalink. Their actions are commanded by the FTS-Ground, independent of the control station.

FTS provides the UAS with a high reliable and safe operation thanks to the use of the datalink network, which enables to locate the UAS from the control station even if the FMS fails. In addition, the communication between FTS-Ground/FTS-Air are codified to avoid the FTS-Air activation due to electromagnetic interferences.

Key features

¬ Air equipment and ground console

¬ Independent from the rest of the systems

¬ Autopilot status monitoring and report

¬ STM32 microcontroller 

¬ Battery backup in FTS-Air and FTS-Ground

¬ Visible RSSI status with leds

AERTEC's FTS / Flight Termination System
AERTEC's FTS / Flight Termination System


¬ Independent DataLink

¬ RS232/TTL selectable communication interface

¬ Codified communications between FTS-Air/FTS Ground

Flight termination capabilities

¬ Two selection modes:

· Parachute Deployment

· Aerodynamic Termination

¬ Flight termination feedback report

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