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Guest column by Alkiviadis Thomas, Hanse-Aerospace

Picture of Alkiviadis Thomas

Alkiviadis Thomas

Hanse-Aerospace e.V. / President


Remaining competitive worldwide as an SME.

Only if small and medium sized companies cooperate, can they survive the international competitive environment in the long run. Hanse-Aerospace e.V., as a network of more than 160 small and medium sized companies in Germany, makes sure that its members are networked to each other and supports cooperation.

The international aviation industry is currently passing through a fundamental structural transformation. The above is also accompanied by intensively increasing requirements on suppliers – both on those who directly supply the big aircraft producers, as well as on the companies which lie at the lower levels of the supply chain and provide individual components or manufacturing processes. All of them have to adapt to the new conditions. Therefore, a potential solution is to take up forms of cooperation in order to provide One-Stop services and products. Hanse Aerospace supports its members in finding the correct partner under this scope of cooperation. This is ensured through network and information events and activities, but also though novel channels. The social media app Avipeo and the online cooperation platform SCAN not only bring the members of Hanse-Aerospace together, but also into contact with other aviation companies from all over the world. Thus, the companies can find their suitable cooperation partner, one who has the know-how that meaningfully complements their own capabilities.

Furthermore, the companies also have to promote their own developments and to further enhance their industrial performance, so as to remain competitive worldwide. For this aspect, Hanse-Aerospace e.V. especially strives in the Supply Chain Excellence initiative, which has brought all the German aviation clusters together. The German aviation supplier industry works effectively and extremely reliably. Currently, the small and medium sized companies are optimizing their production processes continuously and have managed to considerably raise their productivity in recent years. New production methods, like 3D printing, robotics and progressive automation of traditional resources, have significantly contributed to the achievement of this accomplishment. The potential of these methods still remains far from fully exploited and offers a lot of chances to dynamic and innovative companies. Hanse-Aerospace informs its members during workshops and in workgroups about these topics and ensures the optimum flow of information.

For the year 2017 the focus is also being placed on presentations and events for topics related to certification. The obtaining of certifications specific to the aviation industry provides companies which want to establish their presence in this market with a competitive advantage. Essential aspects are certainly the EN 9100- series certification, as well as client and product specific audits and qualifications. In order for the companies to not lose track of this, they have to be purposefully informed. The workshops, which are organized by Hanse-Aerospace together with partners, provide a basis for this, and facilitate moreover a precious exchange of experiences among the participants.



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