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Infographic / The Aerospace & Defence sector’s top 50 companies

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There are few sectors in the world as associated to innovation and technological advances as the aeronautics and defence industries. However, despite the introduction of such highly significant elements like programmed control, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), automation, process digitisation and the increasing presence of robotics, it is still an industry with a high degree of craftsmanship.

This favours a highly stratified arrangement of the sector, where each company seeks to find the niche that best suits its know-how and possibilities. Thus, when referring to the aeronautics and defence industries, it is very common to hear about OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) TIER-1 (first tier suppliers), TIER 2 (second tier suppliers), etc. when the role they play in the industrial chain is discussed.

Moreover, this sector also has a marked geographic distribution. Most of the large companies which occupy the industry’s top rankings are concentrated in two very defined areas: the United States (60%) and Europe (34%) by turnover (if we take into account their headquarters’ location). However, we also have to take into account that most of these large companies have premises, agencies, factories, assembly centres and branch offices spread out around the world, which help to generate an extensive industrial fabric across the globe. It is, in fact, a global industry which generates $700,000,000,000 USD a year.

Do you know which are the world’s top 50 companies in the aeronautics and defence industries?

The answer is to be found in this infographic.




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