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Boeing and Airbus in 2014: Financial expectations surpassed

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If there is anything we were powerfully struck by in the past fiscal year 2014 is that, within a scenario of global economic uncertainty, financial expectations of the two world’s major aircraft manufacturers have been largely fulfilled. As a matter of fact, initial order forecasts for 2014 were exceeded. Both companies revised the rising figures and they were surpassed again.

When analysing 2014 in global terms, we may be facing a dead heat as there are different parameters measuring the success or failure of a fiscal year for aircraft manufacturers: Number of orders, deliveries, net sales, income, cancellations… In any case, both manufacturers have secured a work load for at least eight years.

The beginning of 2015 comes with a similar air of optimism. With the price of the oil barrel plummeted to all-time lows for months, airlines have ventured to renew part of their fleets in view of certainly unexpected results. The horizon for Airbus and Boeing looks bright.

Some days ago, “CAPA – Centre for Aviation” submitted a detailed comparative study on the commercial scenario of both companies throughout 2014, which we specially recommend to become familiar with many details which would otherwise pass unnoticed.

You can read the study in the following link: Click here

We also recommend thoroughly reading the information graphic which we published in this same means two months ago, where expectations of Airbus and Boeing for the next 20 years are shown. Will expectations be met? You can see and download this here.


Source: CAPA


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