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We are stronger together

In moments of crisis is when we bring out the best in ourselves. Let’s do it #together.

The value of an organisation is in the people who make it up. At AERTEC Solutions we are very lucky because our team demonstrates its value every single day, especially in these difficult times. We want to discuss some of the many initiatives that are emerging during this period in which, due to the current health crisis, we all have to stay at home. 

Here we describe just a few of them… We are stronger #together.

Working #together from home

Who would have thought it! Teleworking has necessarily become a daily routine. But we are still all part of the same team, and we continue to support each other from a distance. Many colleagues are sharing images of forced (although unquestionably necessary) confinement. We are still very close.

We are still #together.

Balcony recitals

Name: Jerónimo Vázquez
By day: Head of Software Development
By night: Singer

During this time of home confinement, our colleague Jerónimo goes out onto his balcony every evening to give singing recitals. This has already become a regular rendezvous for several hundred residents of his Seville neighbourhood, who every evening wait for a new performance all #together. You can follow all these performances on his YouTube channel, where they are uploaded daily.

[View videos]

Jerónimo Vázquez
Pedro Cantarero

Family exercise

Name: Pedro Cantarero
By day: Head of On-site Supervision, Airports
By night: CrossFit Family Coach

Once his teleworking day is over, our colleague Pedro makes his own contribution by encouraging exercise with the whole family. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that there are two fundamental areas we have to look after during our home confinement: our mental health and our physical health. This activity, which we can carry out #together, will therefore help us all. You can follow these activities on his YouTube channel, or with the hashtag #entrenaencasaconpedro (#trainathomewithpedro).

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Charitable collaborations

Some of AERTEC Solutions’ colleagues have selflessly made their at-home 3D printing capabilities available to various organisations. The objective is to produce several different elements that are essential for manufacturing masks and ventilators, which are currently so necessary in hospitals. In this case they are collaborating with the community.

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More interesting activities...

Expedition: Home is a one-stop website dedicated to kids and parents to do fun space-based activities and keep learning while at home.

Launched by European Space Agency, ESA, this microsite offers plenty of activities for three age ranges: 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 years old.

[Go to Expedition: Home]

And remember... we are stronger #together