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Continuous innovation

The DNA that makes us evolve every day on the job and in the services we offer.

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What is it?

Continuous innovation is a process that allows us to make continuous improvements that add value to our work, to the client and the company. The process is carried out both in our offices, and in the projects we work on at clients’ facilities.

We want to provide value to our experience as professionals and the work we do every day by enhancing initiative and our capacity for innovation.

Innovation Building Blocks

We bet on innovation as a short to medium term investment with the aim of continually improving.


In a changing environment, the talent and initiative of individual people contribute to reinforcing our position and being a benchmark in the sector.


Innovation projects help us to be more efficient in work processes.

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An ecosystem for innovation

Continuous innovation opens up spaces for AERTEC employees to use their talent and initiative to play a leading role in changing and improving the company itself and the services we provide to our clients. AERTEC’s mission is to listen to people and enhance their ingenuity in an environment of teamwork.

We have created the necessary channels and procedures for each of AERTEC’s professionals to contribute their ideas and, if appropriate, put them into action. 

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Pedro Pablo Sánchez, AERTEC

Pedro Pablo Sánchez

Innovation Director