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AERTEC Solutions has further consolidated its position in the European market through the acquisition of the QualityPark Group

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AERTEC Solutions, the international engineering and consulting firm specializing in airports and the aerospace and defence industries, is taking another step in its plan for international expansion with the acquisition of the German engineering firm, the QualityPark Group (QPAC). The Hamburg-based company is a supplier of high technology engineering solutions and processes, with extensive experience in the aerospace market.

QPAC, specialized in manufacturing engineering and electrical systems, together with important R&D activity, works in close collaboration with clients such as Airbus and Premium Aerotec.

QPAC has accumulated great expertise in the areas of process management, manufacturing engineering, systems engineering, design of electrical systems and of tools, and works in close collaboration with clients such as Airbus, Premium Aerotec, FERCHAU Engineering or LATESYS GmbH, participating in programmes such as A400M, A320, A330-200, A350XWB or A380. 

For Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, founder of AERTEC Solutions, “this business integration will allow us to position ourselves in the German market, which is clearly strategic for us, and to consolidate our position in the European market, where we already have a significant presence”.

AERTEC Solutions already has offices in the United Kingdom, in addition to the four Spanish offices in Malaga, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona. On the American continent the company has offices in Colombia and the U.S. “AERTEC is a company that has had an international focus ever since its inception, more than twenty years ago. We strive everyday to grow into one of the most important engineering companies in the European aerospace industry, capable of influencing the development of the global aerospace industry. The acquisition of QPAC has added its weight to that goal,” said Vicente Padilla, the other founder of AERTEC Solutions.

The international engineering and consultancy firm based in Malaga expects to increase its global turnover by 15% thanks to the acquisition of QPAC, which currently has more than 50 employees. The acquisition also means that AERTEC now has a presence in three of the most important European aeronautical centres: Hamburg, Broughton and Andalusia. The company manages numerous multidisciplinary projects for the main manufacturers in the aerospace sector, such as Airbus. In fact, the company is currently a Tier-1 supplier of manufacturing engineering services and programme management to the Airbus Group for its civil and military aircraft, in addition to providing its know-how and experience in industrialisation activities, manufacturing support, assembly, design and production support and testing systems engineering.



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