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Sleeping in a control tower


Any aviation fanatic would not pass up the chance of spending some time in a control tower viewing airport operations. And what if it were a complete night?

This is precisely the case of the old control tower at Arlanda International Airport in Stockholm, which has been disused for 15 years since the new tower entered into service. It has now been reconverted into a luxury apartment which allows one to follow the airport’s operations… from bed. The control tower is located in a privileged spot at the airport, right next to two of the aerodrome’s runways.

The Swedish artist Cilla Ramnek was commissioned to refurbish all the tower’s interior spaces and design an apartment that would take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the control tower’s cab. The result was a 35-square-metre space that includes a bedroom for up to four people, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

It is a VIP apartment which will form part of the unconventional accommodation offered by Arlanda Airport, together with the Boeing 747 located near it, which has been reconverted into a hotel. Furthermore, a holiday rentals company has arranged a contest with the possibility of winning five nights at this rather exceptional apartment.

Aeroplane lovers (avgeeks) will really find it rather hard to get a good night’s sleep in this apartment.



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