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Infographic / Technology favours the passenger

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If you travel by aeroplane, you are probably aware of the changes airport facilities have undergone in recent years. These are not only related to the architectural renovation of terminals, large spaces, new services appearing that improve passenger experience or larger leisure areas with an incredible offering. There is more.

As a matter of fact, a technology revolution has come about in recent years, which has permeated every single corner of our airports. For their part, passengers who arrive at the airport to catch a flight are “connected”. Both the airline that will carry them and the airport itself that awaits passengers are also “connected”.

There are a large number of different devices which enable us to obtain information and gain access to services before, during and after the flight. This trend is on the rise. For instance, nobody knew what a tablet was a little over five years ago. But now, if you glance around the departure lounge, you are certain to see a lot of people fiddling around with them.

There can be no doubt that technology will play an increasingly important role in each of the activities we do on our trips.

In fact, there are already many people who only use the Internet to manage their trips. We have put together an infographic to show you how passengers are currently using information technology at airports, as well as the possible resources operators are implementing to improve the passenger experience. Will you be joining in?


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