Nuevo hangar de mantenimiento para aeronaves CN/235/C295, Accra (Ghana)

Industrial engineering
Feasibility study
Date: 2010
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

The bid defines the technical characteristics of a maintenance hangar with two stands to hold two CN235 aircraft, as well as the adjacent aprons.

Moreover, it includes overall infrastructure costs apart from furniture and equipment.

The hangar is a free-standing building measuring 4,207m2 capable of holding two C295 aircraft, along with workshops and office areas on two floors. It has a maximum height of 14.71m and a free height (underneath the bridge crane) of 10.50m.

It is equipped with a main door comprised of sliding panels measuring 34m to enable aircraft to enter into and exit from each of the stands. It is usually closed and allows natural light to enter into the hangar through translucent openings designed especially for that purpose.

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